Take It Up With The Man (Humboldt pt.1)

this one goes to my buddies in the picketing line
think of something clever to write so the cars and trucks will honk at your sign
hey let's make up a rhyme off the top of our head ain't that cool?
before the noon bell rings and we all go back to school
cuz we're so hip we're protesting we're drawing lines in the sand

get out on the streets and take it up with the man
get up off your feet and keep it up as long as you can

we're gonna change the whole world yeah can't you feel the power of words
if you disagree with us then we'll make a sign that says you're a turd
here come the cops all right there's a cute girl there that i like
if i get arrested today i bet she'll go out with me saturday night
those radical ladies they're so young and pretty they like a boy who's bad

there she is she's looking over in my direction
i think i better start an insurrection
then she'll want to sleep with me again and again


©2008 Octopolis