High Fiber Meal

high fiber meal
how good it feels

black beans and veggie quinoa
flax seed and broccoli pilaf
bran flakes with pomegranate
don't take your health for granted

high fiber meal
how good it feels, so good
greases the wheels

fresh corn with avocado
sweet potatoes and garbanzos
oatmeal with lots of water
in one end and out the other

high fiber meal
how good it feels, so good

hey girl glad you stopped by
i was just making a salad
i was hoping you might share it with me
it's got carrots, squash, artichokes
it's got the beats
let's dance, that's right
girl, us, together

girl you get with me you know i'll treat your body right
i'll make you breakfast salad if you stay with me tonight
just get on my private jet and girl i'll get you in the mood
fly around the world eatin' all this healthy food

you got kimchi in South Korea
injera in Eritrea
edamame in Yokohama
frijoles in Ensenada

high fiber meal
this time it's real
let's seal the deal


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