Singing Drummer 

where's that voice coming from?
I think it's that douche bag behind the drums
I'm a singing drummer don't you wanna hear my song?

he practices all day and he jams all night
all I want's a little of the spotlight
he's a singing drummer...

the guitarist's up front being charming and nimble
he's gettin' all the ladies
the drummer's in back hidden behind his cymbals
c'mon fellas save one for me!

his tom toms have a complex tone
but who gave him a microphone?
he's a singing drummer...

it's finally my moment
my drum solo
everyone's looking at me now
hello ladies
I'm available

he wears a sweatband when it gets hot
and black leather gloves with the tips cut off
he's a singing drummer...

he hangs out by the stage after the show
i'm holding my sticks so everyone knows
i'm the singing drummer

he's started writing poetry
he just made up a cool new rhyme
he's got a new song for the band to play
c'mon fellas can we play one of mine?

the Eagles, Dave Grohl, and Genesis
all those singing drummers kicked out the hits
i'm a singing drummer...


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