T.A. In My Tent 

there’s a TA in my tent
it all started when she held a midterm exam review
she walked in and said “it looks like it’s just me and you”
baggy Gore-Tex and glasses but i could see the truth
i pretended to need some help with equations
i was hoping that might start some flirtations
and we stayed for a while
and i made her smile
there’s a TA in my tent

there’s a TA in my tent
at the field trip campfire she sat right down next to me
i told a stupid joke and then she slapped my knee
she winked and then she said she’d probably give me a C
a couple more beers, her head on my shoulder
she’s smart and pretty, just a couple years older
and she said she was cold
so i thought i’d be bold
there’s a TA in my tent

there’s a TA in my bed
she moved in right after i graduated
she’s the only woman i’ve ever seriously dated
we both love rocks so you could say it was fated
she’s tenure-track and now i got my P.G.
building a life for two in geology
it’s all so sweet
you could say meant to be
there’s a TA in my tent

there’s a TA in this church
all the other students and even a prof or two
she wore a white lace gown and her old field boots
we got us some matching geologic time tattoos
an uncut diamond ring and a pair of crampons
honeymoon in the Grand Tetons
and we camped on a moraine
she’s in my tent again
there’s a TA in my tent

there’s a TA giving birth
acting like mammals since the Pleistocene
she’s my evolutionary geo-queen
the baby’s birthstone is green olivine
one day this baby boy will leave home
i hope he finds a TA of his own
what gneiss life it’s been
it all started in a tent
there’s a TA in my tent


©2023 Octopolis