My Map Is Crap 

strikes and dips and dips and strikes
gneiss and schist and schist and gneiss
folds and faults and faults and folds
i smell like a pile of mold

my map is crap
your map is junk
why canít we go back to the campground
sit around the fire and just get drunk?

dikes and sills and sills and dikes
hike and camp and camp and hike
slopes and cliffs and cliffs and slopes
blisters covering every toe

thrust and shear and shear and thrust
tuff and ash and ash and tuff
chert and quartz and quartz and chert
everything on my body hurts

skarn and slate and slate and skarn
Scarps and blocks and blocks and scarps
camp and hike and hike and camp
i look like a homeless tramp

till and drift and drift and till
silt and sand and sand and silt
clay and mud and mud and clay
i just wanna run away


©2023 Octopolis