Come See My Rock Collection 

girl we've been in geo-class for half of the semester
there's a midterm coming up and i know you feel the pressure
if you need a study partner well it would be my pleasure
and i know a good location where we can get together

we can have some geological talks
just you and me and my rocks

iíll lay out all the maps and uncork a little wine
i'll show you all my samples from the hydrothermal mine
iíve got all the minerals from albite to zeolite
And if we go too late well it's ok to stay the night

why donít you just come back to my place
and iíll show you what's in my display case

wonít you come on by and see my rock collection
iíve got tons of specimens and each one has its own thin section
just open all the drawers go ahead make your selection
but i set aside this special one for you
to celebrate the start of something new

i already got your birthstone just to show i pay attention
i'll pin it slowly to your fleece vest just to add to all the tension
iíll breakout a tattered copy of deer, howie and zussman
we can leaf through it and pretend to pick out fake names for our children

iíll quiz you on your mineral groups
while we sip Bacardi on my front stoop

i got a polarizing microscope so we can do some staring
find some pleochroic birefringent minerals worth sharing
project it on the wall and watch the colors spin
put our arms around each other when the shrooms start kicking in

iím more mature than all the other blokes
all they do is make bad cleavage jokes


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